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Website Hosting

We have a unique hosting system in place at DizRat, all based on our own cloud servers. Our cloud based platform does not rely on a physical server, but instead on a cluster of servers that support each other.

If for any reason a server fails, your website does not, cloud hosting eliminates the possibility of downtime, ensuring your site is live when people need you.

At DizRat will not only host your site, but included in the price will be the following automatic benefits:

This does not mean that at 3am if there is a service issue that you will be alerted, but we will - this is where our mirror servers kick in.
We will setup addresses for a dedicated imap or Microsoft account or they can be forwarded to any existing email address, we will also supply you with a dedicated webmail facility.
Does what it says on the tin - so to speak. As part of our hosting package we offer a free basic SEO package. Some of our customers are getting top results from this service alone.



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