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Website Design  

We have seen so many changes in website design over the past 17 years, but the main principles still apply.

At DizRat we try and make the process of a new website or re-branding of an old website easy on our clients, why should you stress over the things you are paying someone else to do.

All of our websites can be optimized for Mobile, iPad and Tablet use.

Brochure websites is a bit of an old fashioned term but basically means a website that does not "sell" direct from the site (although all of our websites can be upgraded to sell at any stage). DizRat have designed websites for many small and large companies, no website is too big or too small.

At DizRat we have 
no minimum order, if your budget is £200 then we will make that work for you. Our philosophy is that every business, no mater how large or small should be able to have an online presence.

At DizRat before we start your site design we research what will be best for you and your company. We have in-house copywriters who can write all of the content for your site, and you can have as much or as little input as you want.

We have customers who require us to do a total design and others who supply us with a total site design that they require- what suits you - suits us.



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