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Computer Repairs

Computer problems? Don't worry DizRat can "Fix-It". Some of the services we offer include:-

Blue screen, Windows Crashes
Not Booting, Data Recovery  
Broken Laptop Screens
Broadband & Network Issues  
Virus & Spyware Removal
Business Networks including server hardware issues      
Apple Powerbook, Macbook & Imac inc Hardware & Screen repairs

Our Services Include:

Data Recovery: Lost data means trouble. Whether you use your PC to run your business or to store precious family photos. With access to sophisticated data recovery services we can help you restore your data - even if the drive has been reformatted or physically damaged by fire or flood. We can also recover lost data from Flash drives, memory cards and other devices. To ensure that you never need these services we can select, supply and install a reliable backup solution. Tape or other magnetic media, online backup. 

PC, Laptop, Apple Repairs: Blue Screens, poor performance, frequent error messages, not starting up. Don't put up with it, give us a call. You may be able to get your work done more quickly with more memory, an upgraded operating system or new hard drive. Repairs and upgrades are available on a fixed price, no fix no fee basis, and we can always come to you to make it even easier. 

Network Solutions: Wireless or wired - we can help you work effectively from home. With secure access to your email, printer and documents, its as if you were sitting at your desk. We can also troubleshoot and resolve problems with existing home or business networks and check your network to ensure it is secure and not 'leaking' information.

Hardware & Software Supply: Whatever hardware or software you need we can obtain it for you at a discounted price and if needed we can also install the software on your behalf. All PCs and Laptops come with a 3 Year On Site warranty as standard.


Now is the ideal opportunity to get all those little computer issues sorted out.

If your PC is running slow or crashing frequently email us today!

Don't risk losing your precious files and photographs due to a hardware failure. 

Each FIXED price PC service consists of:

Full Virus scan & removal of Malware
BIT Hardware check
Startup & Performance Optimisation
Advice regarding backups and other issues
Case Clean
Fan Lubrication and noise reduction


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